WonderCon 2014

Steampunk Wireless Operator
aka Steampunk Cell Phone

The Backpack

San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Steampunk Sheriff
Gaslight Gathering 2013 Tenzin from Legend of Korra
Wondercon 13 Steampunk #2
WyrdCon 2012 Harry Potter - Ravenclaw Alumni
San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Imperial Officer
Heritage Days Civil War Reenactment 2012 Endor Luke
WonderCon 2012 Shaun of the Dead
Edwardian Ball 2012 Vatican Vampire Hunter
Comikaze Expo- LA 2011 Nov    
Wasteland Weekend 2011    
San Diego ComicCon 2011    
Gaslight Gathering 2011    
Castle - "Punked"    
Wild Wild West Con 2011    

Dragon*Con 2010

League of Temporal Adventurers Society Gala    
San Diego Comic-Con 2010    
Riverside Dickens Festival    
League of S.T.E.A.M.
An Evening with the Unfamiliar
Dragon*Con 2009    
Southern California Renaissance Faire
ComicCon 2009
(Plus the Steampunk Gathering at the Radio Room)
Steampunk Art Opening    
New York Comic-Con 2009    
Dragon*Con 2008    
San Diego Comic-Con 2008    
X-Sanguin 2008
(Comic-Con After Party)
Star Wars Celebration 2007    
Revenge From the Sea 2006
Leipzig Game Show
Germany 2006
San Diego Comic-Con 2006  
Halloween 2005    
Tokyo Game Show #1
Tokyo Game Show #2
San Diego Comic-Con 2005    
Star Wars Celebration III
April 21st - 24th 2005
San Deigo Comic Con 2004    
San Deigo Comic Con 2003    
Anime Expo 2003
City of Hope Picnic 2003
Labyrinth Masquerade Ball 2003
Cowboy Music and Poetry Festival

San Deigo Comic Con 2002    
Southern California Renaissance Faire 2001
(The 501st Invasion!)